Ads, Affiliate Links & Financial Disclosures

The Federal Trade Commission, in an effort to protect consumers from unscrupulous advertising practices, requires Website owners to disclose monetary relationships they have with companies. FAADNetwork uses revenues earned from advertising to continue expanding the website.

Ways this website receives compensation

• Graphic Ads
These are the ads you see in the right & left gutters of the website. These are member advertisements as well as Adsense ads in which FAADNetwork receives revenue from.

• Affiliate Links
Some of the links out from this site are affiliate links. If you follow an affiliate link to a company or product and then end up buying something, I get a small percentage of the sale for referring you. Your price is unchanged, and buying stuff you were going to get anyway through affiliate links is a great way to support this website.

• Inline Text Ads, Paid Backlinks
Given that FAADN’s purpose is to help promote fashion companies, there is a good chance you will find inline text ads and paid backlinks on this site. This is again to help the network move forward and expand as well as to help members promote their brands.

Registrations and authorizations

FAADNetwork (including FAADN & FAADForum) tax number is 46-33151164

FAADNetwork (including FAADN & FAADForum)details

The full name of FAADNetwork (including FAADN & FAADForum)is FAADNetwork

FAADNetwork’s registered] address is FAADNetwork Support, 3457 E Riverside Drive, Fort Myers, FL 33916

You can contact FAADNetwork Support by email to